[openstreetmap-website] Redesign (#498)

John Firebaugh notifications at github.com
Fri Nov 15 21:07:56 UTC 2013

@RobJN Thanks for the summary of the mailing list comments.

> text attributs for the top menus.

I've increased the contrast on the secondary navigation links.

> The documentation behind "Help" feels like it is too many clicks away (desire to keep it on the home page).

A main goal of the redesign was to make the experience more focused and not overwhelm a user who's looking for Help with multiple links (forum, wiki, etc) but with a single clear option - "Help". The help page itself should be improved in the future, but it is conceptually sound and better than what we have today.

> It was also suggested that "Help" was given higher priority and the export feature lower priority (e.g. by switching there positions). Others pointed out that the ability to export is what makes OSM different and as such "if we want to promote this (i.e. the Export feature), we need a description page with links to the planet file, country excerpts, small exports (from the osm-server) and to larger exports via the overpass API or overpass turbo page.

I chose the current grouping for two reasons. Conceptually it makes sense: "Edit", "History", "Export" are all about providing access to OSM's data, which is one of the primary purposes of the website, while "Help" and "About" provide auxiliary information about the project itself. It also makes things that behave similarly, look similar: "Edit", "History", and "Export" all provide a map-centric view, while the other links go to interior pages of the site which do not feature a map.

Saman and I both talked about bigger changes to OSM.org's information architecture at the respective State of the Maps, and I think there will be opportunities to reorganize the navigation elements with the goal of better aligning them to the primary purposes for which OSM.org is used (as a map, as an app for maintaining a geodatabase, as a social platform, as a data resource for 3rd parties). But that's too wide of a goal for this effort.

Similarly I'd like to table the second request on expanded Export functionality -- those sound like good ideas, but are outside the scope of this effort.

> the "About" first sentence is very urban-centric... the "community driven" section is talking about "engineers" and HOT team but the average contributor ... is not mentioned even though it is the main part of the community.

I'm working on some copy adjustments to better balance this.

> Imho there should be a way to remove the Welcome-textbox, too. (for non-logged in users)

I think it provides a nice impetus to create an account. :)

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