[openstreetmap-website] Redesign (#498)

Paul Norman notifications at github.com
Mon Nov 18 19:52:17 UTC 2013

[Some canvec data I imported](http://redesign.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/browse/changeset/23)

The changeset page feels less useful to me. I'm trying hard to quantify this, but will try to do so because a vague comment like "less useful" doesn't help with improvements
* It displays half the objects per page, with 10 objects/page instead of 20.
* It shows one of created time or closed time, not both
* The other pages use the title "Object type: Name (#)"  e.g. Node: London (123). Changesets use "Changeset #" and don't include the description in the heading
* The map for a changeset display displays a bounding box, like now, but the nearly full screen map seems excessive for this, taking up space that could be used for other changeset information

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