[openstreetmap-website] Page <title> becomes confused with non-Latin strings supplied to it (#571)

Evropi notifications at github.com
Sat Nov 30 23:31:35 UTC 2013

Note the page title's strange characters in the following screenshot:
![Firefox 25 on Linux Mint 14 KDE edition](http://i6.minus.com/ibjHXEadn16bRo.png)

It appears that when I go to any page with Latin characters in its name, it renders fine, but if it has non-Latin characters the text becomes corrupted. For instance, opening the *Export* pane turns the title to `OpenStreetMap | Export` as expected, but the Ιστορικό (History) page does not say `OpenStreetmap | Ομάδες αλλαγών` (changesets; yes, I read the source) as expected.

Curiously, it is not corrupted in the HTML source code. I have no idea why the title becomes the way it is.

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