[openstreetmap-website] Page URL is inconsistent after adding a new note (#572)

SomeoneElseOSM notifications at github.com
Sat Nov 30 23:35:58 UTC 2013

I've just added a note.  After doing so a red marker is visible on screen, but the page URL shows only http://www.openstreetmap.org/note/new#map=19/52.63047/-1.77608 , the text at the left shows "new note" - basically, there's nothing to indicate to a user unfamiliar with the process that they have successfully added a note and what it says.

Previously the popup containing the note was displayed and users could click the "chain" icon in the popup to get the URL.

I can't believe that anyone would ever want to add two notes in exactly the same spot, so this seems an odd choice of behaviour?

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