[openstreetmap-website] retina compatible icons (#850)

fuddl notifications at github.com
Wed Dec 10 12:20:01 UTC 2014

@HolgerJeromin I read it carefully and I think most of it does not apply on us:

1. We use all these icons at the same time and they are always visible. The current approach also bundles the Icons in image files.
2. I didn't use the private use area
3. I have no idea what osm.org in opera mini. Neither I have a testing tool… is it a thing?
4. A *long fixed* bug in chrome? this is a problem?
5. Can not confirm this one. it looks equally amazing in chrome firefox and safari:
   ![chrome](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/842548/5375693/5e395378-806d-11e4-97b4-575742d758c7.png) ![firefox](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/842548/5375691/5e357bae-806d-11e4-91ce-02d28b22673a.png) ![safari](https://cloud.githubusercontent.com/assets/842548/5375692/5e36354e-806d-11e4-8b8d-b672c9651564.png)
    maybe I didn't understand the problem
6. I agree and I would also prefer not to use generated content in css. I would prefer putting real symbols to the html DOM which is also possible with the icon font approach but not with the current approach.
7. I find it very easy to position fonts with css… I'd do it if required. In [the commit](https://github.com/fuddl/openstreetmap-website/commit/6ae603822e052e7024fa9e5c5404de80800e2c76) I actually removed a lot of necessary  css
8. We don't need multi colour icons, do we?
9. We don't need animated icons, do we?
10. Popular approaches (pseudo elements, Private Use Area) feel indeed like hacks for me. I fail to see using unicode symbols for their supposed purpose as hacky. 

I wonder why this technology is contentious here. Isn't it something normal in modern webdesign? also github uses an icon font, doesn't it? 

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