[openstreetmap-website] Add a landing page for "fix the map / report a problem" links (#671)

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Fri Jan 10 11:03:53 UTC 2014

@jfirebaugh starting with the end of your comment: looking at what hits our DCMA form and our "official" e-mail addresses (currently the only obvious thing we provide for reporting a problem) and forgetting about SPAM; there is a small influx of submissons from people that have a grievance that they believe has a legal context. For example one of the common ones is that we have mapped their private access road and we shouldn't be allowed to do that. And naturally somebody can have a completly justified bone to pick with us. 

I'm assuming that that kind of traffic is likely to increase by at least an order of magnitude or more if we provide an easily visible facility for moaning and this will likely be the page everybody with issues will hit first. Do we want somebody angry to sign up for an account (adding a note will likely make them more mad because nothing will happen)? At least we want to provide an obvious route for them to follow without sending them around in circles. Now the copyright page is not really a good place to point them to, there's a page we have started working on the OSMF site that might be better, however right now it is the best we have.

I left the "whats on the map" stuff on the page even if it is likely to be tl;dr for similar reasons, an attempt to provide people that believe something is wrong (otherwise they wouldn't have landed on this page in the first place) with an oppotunity to check with what should really be on the map. Basic idea is, if they sign up for an account they should do it with the right expectations. However for a 1st version we could leave this away and see how things work out.

I agree with all the other points.

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