[openstreetmap-website] Fix bottom space forgotten when read a message (#677)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Sun Jan 19 14:43:44 UTC 2014

So the only difference I see in FF 26 on linux is that without this change the buttons are hard against the bottom of the browser window while with it there is space below them.

Looking in firebug what I see is that this patch adds a margin to the bottom of the div that neatly covers the buttons, so I can understand why it might ensure the browser doesn't cut them off, except that they are statically positioned anyway, so are part of the document content and the browser should be leaving space for them.

I still don't understand why the div winds up with a height of zero though, when it has content with a height of 30px? If it took it's height from it's content as I would expect then the margin wouldn't be needed.

Basically can anybody explain *why* this works, or is it just a cargo cult fix?

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