[openstreetmap-website] Fix bottom space forgotten when read a message (#677)

Marco Antonio notifications at github.com
Sun Jan 19 16:21:19 UTC 2014

@tomhughes Using the 3D view in FF inspector can see that the buttons float and are not inside the div container with class=content-inner. The space provided by the div container take effect by doing this:

* Remove `float: left` and `overflow: hidden` attribute in the css style input `.buttons input[type="submit"], [...] .buttons .button` (line 1975 in common.css.scss)
* Add `display: inline-block` attribute on each element inside the div container with class `message-buttons buttons`


I forgot, on page "http://www.openstreetmap.org/user/USERNAME/inbox" solve the problem by adding an extra space (table) as I did.

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