[openstreetmap-website] Add an overpass based query tool (#721)

danstowell notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 17 09:48:47 UTC 2014

Hi - I think this is a neat idea for interactively querying data. I have some feedback on the interaction:

* Nearby features as a list in a side panel - it's quite hard to understand how this list relates to the point that I clicked on, and it's a rather effortful interaction to mouseover everything to try and get an idea of where they are. For me, I feel it would be much more comprehensible to put the "nearby features" directly on the map, all as faint highlights, with the description popping up perhaps on mouseover. (The enclosing features I guess should stay in the side panel.)
* It's really easy to forget where you have clicked. I'd like the circle not to fade out entirely (fade to almost-gone?) or perhaps also leave a small dot-like icon at the query point. (Or maybe it would be obvious enough, if the thing I mentioned above was in place.)

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