[OpenStreetMap] #5169: overpass export doesn't return complete relations

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Fri May 9 07:53:38 UTC 2014

#5169: overpass export doesn't return complete relations
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 Exporting OSM data using the Overpass API from the main map page doesn't
 complete all relations for objects overlapping the bounding box. For
 example, a map of Stockholm created in this way lacks Lake Mälar (Mälaren)
 to the west.

 To reproduce, export the following rectangle: (W,S,E,N):
 17.8,59.2,18.3,59.5 and convert it to a map (I use CartoType but anything
 will do).

 Here is a proposed fix. Use this Overpass script as recommended by the
 Overpass development team:

 <osm-script timeout="10000" element-limit="1073741824">
   <union into="_">
     <bbox-query into="_" w="17.8" s="59.2" e="18.3" n="59.5"/>
     <recurse from="_" into="_" type="up"/>
     <recurse from="_" into="_" type="down"/>
   <print from="_" limit="" order="id"/>

 It completes all relations, and solves the problem, as verified by my

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