[openstreetmap-website] OpenStreetMap Map key is not working in STANDARD LAYER (#747)

gregcrago notifications at github.com
Tue May 20 02:16:50 UTC 2014

I would consider UNPAVED roads to be a considerable map feature that many
people would find useful. If you want to make a Route to avoid UNPAVED,
DIRT, SAND, GRAVEL roads you need to see the linetype of the road DIFFERENT
than PAVED roads. Currently, the only way to determine if a road is not
PAVED is to select the road and check the SURFACE tag.

Compared to Garmin's NAVTEQ maps which have UNPAVED roads are Dashed lines
and clearly visible on the map. OpenStreetMaps all roads look similar and
see 'far behind' NAVTEQ's level of detail.

Greg Crago

On Mon, May 19, 2014 at 5:38 PM, Tom Hughes <notifications at github.com>wrote:

> Yes the key is incomplete, and possibly out of date in places, but you
> need to complain to the people that do the map style - if they want to
> provide us with updated images for the key we will be happy to display them.
> Due to the vast number of things which are rendered it's unlikely that the
> key will ever include everything however - it would have to be hundreds of
> lines long. So only the most major features are likely to be included.
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