[openstreetmap-website] Please update the wiki pages index (#750)

João G. Packer notifications at github.com
Thu May 22 19:09:42 UTC 2014

Now I see, only the locale `pt-br` is having problems finding it's wiki link. When the function [gets the locale](https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/blob/master/app/helpers/browse_helper.rb#L89), I think it only gets `pt` instead of `pt-br`, so it doesn't find pages like `Pt-br:Key:boundary` for the key `boundary=*`.

But that's ok, I think we won't need to fix this. We are planning on merging the wiki namespaces `Pt-br` and `Pt` sometime this year.

About the redirects, I took a look and I think I just need to delete one line of that script. When I have time, I will test it and then do a pull request. Then as long as we add a template `KeyDescription` to these pages, the script will pick them up.


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