[openstreetmap-website] Website should redirect HTTP connections to HTTPS (#833)

Richard Fairhurst notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 13 20:25:50 UTC 2014

Nonetheless for those users who _have_ made an active choice, disabling HTTP is a retrograde step.

If you always have a connection which supports HTTPS without breaking sweat then that's lovely. I guess as you guys appear to work for Rackspace, you probably do.

For several years my principal Internet connection for half the week was what was euphemistically described as "mobile broadband". Unfortunately the SSL handshake would very significantly degrade the experience to the point of making sites unusable. As one answer to [this well-researched Stack Overflow question](http://stackoverflow.com/questions/548029/how-much-overhead-does-ssl-impose) explains:

> On low bandwidth, high packet loss, high latency connections (mobile device in the countryside) the additional roundtrips required by TLS might render something slow into something unusable.

Given that OSM is increasingly used in the developing world and remote environments, disabling HTTP entirely could disadvantage a significant class of users.

If you want to default to HTTPS for those users who have not made a choice, that's fine. But please don't presume that those users who are using HTTP have never made a choice to do so. It may just because their circumstances differ from yours.

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