[openstreetmap-website] Allow reporting of abusive users to moderators or admins (#841)

PaweĊ‚ Paprota notifications at github.com
Thu Nov 20 20:28:48 UTC 2014

OK makes sense. Do you plan to address the issue with changes to the referenced object?

Not sure if diary entries and users are versioned like geometry is. IIRC, they are not (?) - so you can't link to the actually reported content, you always link to the current version (which can changed between the time the report happens and the admin considers the report).

Anyway, what I was talking about is something like this:


Then you use `object_id` only for reference and when acting on a report, the admin will judge it based on `object_data` which is a snapshot of the object at the time of the report. Otherwise the reporter could look silly if they report something and by the time the admin looks at the report, the object is changed to "normal".

Then the question becomes what do you need in `object_data` to help the admin identify the problem. For users and diary entries I guess you can store the snapshot in the form of serialized data - so for example if the user had some offensive description on their page, the admin will see it in the data. It's harder for geometry but then I guess you don't use `object_data` at all - simply add `object_version` to the report table and link the report to the actual geometry version.

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