[openstreetmap-website] Changeset discussion - aid for helping novice users (#846)

emacsen notifications at github.com
Fri Nov 28 01:48:07 UTC 2014

Tom, while the number of changesets a user makes is largely an irelevant number, it is possible to measure the newness of an account based on the account's creation day or the date of their first changeset.

An indicator next to someone's name that this is their first week or month of editing the map seems like it's actually a pretty good idea when that person is getting feedback.

The way I might communicate to an experienced mapper is going to be different from how I might talk to a new mapper.

For example, one common issue with new mappers is that they don't bother with a changeset comment. When I see that, I look at what editor they're using and I'll say something like "When you hit Save, be sure to enter a sentence about the change that you've done so others can see it."

But if you saw that I hadn't made a changeset comment, I'm an experienced enough mapper that it would be reasonable for you to say "Why didn't you use a changeset comment?"

Or if someone is new, they may not realize something about our tagging system, Folks in the US are often confused about what "addr:street" means, and so a hint that they're new could help remind folks to be a little extra gentle.

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