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alexilisei notifications at github.com
Wed Feb 11 12:34:07 UTC 2015

@tomhughes , @simonpoole I totally get your point, as a user you don't really do anything else besides editing. But I would also argue that you don't immediately start editing after you create an account. I see the signing up feature as a minor first step towards actively contributing.

>From a mobile app perspective ( not the browser ), this would be the current flow:

	1.	From the app, press Sign up which redirects to browser.
	2.	In the browser, enter required information, including email address twice and password twice. Exit browser manually.
	3.	Go to the email client app, check for confirmation mail.
	4.	Redirects to browser, when the link is clicked.
	5.	Exit browser, go to initial app.
	6.	Login ( using OAuth ).
	7.	Redirected to browser, enter the credentials AGAIN. This would be the third time.
	8.	Use the app.

This would be an improved version in my opinion: 

	1.	From the app, press Sign up which redirects to browser.
	2.	Enter required information. (ideally without writing the email & password twice ). When done, automatically login the user and send the verification link.
	3.	In the app, attempt login with OAuth.  Redirected to browser.
	4.	Because the user is logged in from the registration step, he only presses the ‘Allow’ button for the app that’s requesting permission.
	5.	Use to the app, even if not allowed to edit at that point. Later when he checks the email, verifies the account. 

In the second version, the user entered the credentials once instead of three times and didn't actively switched between 3 apps in order to register.
So this wouldn't be an improvement in providing more functionality when the account is not verified because it's not doing that, but strictly in how fast and easy a user can sign up using a third party app, that's it.

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