[openstreetmap-website] Deactivating the Notes layer after activating it via "add note" is unintuitive (#867)

math1985 notifications at github.com
Fri Jan 9 18:42:49 UTC 2015

> How is that any different to what @vincentdephily said? You've expressed it in different terms but the end result is basically the same - if the note layer was only shown because the user started adding a note then it is turned off again when they stop.

I think it's basically the same, except that @vincentdephily also mentioned an off-mode, which probably would require a three way select box or something like that.

> Of course the user will probably wonder why the note they just added has disappeared as soon as they close the side panel...

Good point, so we would need to add:

* Always display notes when the panel showing information about a particular note is open

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