[OpenStreetMap] #5292: Translations need plural for "Loading %{num_features} features..."

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Wed Mar 11 17:08:50 UTC 2015

#5292: Translations need plural for "Loading %{num_features} features..."
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 I have just started a new translation, and I noticed that the following
 string would profit from a plural from format:

 "Loading %{num_features} features, which may make your browser slow or
 unresponsive. Are sure you want to display this data?"

 !TranslateWiki ID:
 Osm:Browse.start rjs.feature warning/gd

 The string's comment is:

 [Wiki] Parameters:
 [Wiki] * %{num_features} - number of features
 [Wiki] * %{max_features} - (Unused) max number of features
 [Wiki] Feature signifie dans le contexte : Objet OSM(node, way, relation),
 Point d'intérêt, élément…

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