[openstreetmap-website] www.openstreetmap.org broken on IE8 (#931)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 16 15:24:07 UTC 2015

Well I for one never test anything in IE except in response to specific bug reports and I have no idea how to go about using this "emulator" that you refer to, nor did I even know that it existed. I assume what you're really referring to is the compatibility mode? Is that actually accurate enough work as a means of really testing IE8 support, given that isn't really it's intended use.

In fact when it comes to IE bugs the lack of developer tools usually means that I'm reduced to randomly tweaking the source in the hope of fixing the problem which means it's not the easiest of problems to solve.

I'm not going to refuse to take PRs that fix IE8 issues, but nor am I personally going to spend any time on them, and I don't see what use a generic bug like this is going to be - it's just going to sit in the bug tracker for ever most likely.

When would we even close this bug in your view? How perfectly would the site have to work before you considered it fixed?

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