[openstreetmap-website] www.openstreetmap.org broken on IE8 (#931)

davidearl notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 16 15:58:33 UTC 2015

> I think if leaflet's stylesheet wasn't loading we'd have bigger problems than this!

Of course. I meant maybe something was stopping this working in IE8 only, or maybe the separate style sheet it loads for IE is doing something that has a similar effect.

> Are you saying this has broken recently then?

I don't really know - it's a guess, as being a recent change, and we know from older reports I found that it was working in IE8 in 2012 after a previous bug was fixed.

> Look if it'll make you happy I'll reopen this. I don't see that it will make any difference to whether the 
> site gets fixed, but if it makes you feel happy then so be it.

If I had enough rails knowledge, I'd set up a test system myself. It may be I'll be able to trace it just from the IE end and let you know at least in outline what the fix might be. I haven't found it after a half hour's scrutiny, but it's hard when you only have access to one side of the system.

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