[openstreetmap-website] www.openstreetmap.org broken on IE8 (#931)

davidearl notifications at github.com
Mon Mar 16 17:40:35 UTC 2015

OK, I have a theory. I'm using square brackets below because github wipes out sections with angle brackets, presumably because of the markdown.

The doctype is html, but we have (NB there are two occurrences)...
[span class="icon close" /]
for the x icon in the "Close the directions panel" link, the span is self-closed in XHTML style. I think this is not valid as a self-closing tag for that doctype (not just for IE8, but everywhere). While modern browsers close it automatically in a forgiving way, in IE8 it doesn't (because it doesn't see it as XHTML because that's not in the doctype) and the span effectively encloses most of what follows, hiding it and changing layout so dramatically leaflet doesn't load its tiles properly.

I suspect
[span class="icon close"][/span]
will improve things a lot.

BTW, when I worked this out I ran it through the W3C validator, which complains about a few other things as well which may be worth following up.

I'll be happy to test this change in IE8 if you can make it (tell me the URL if you want me to test it in a dev version).

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