[openstreetmap-website] In certain situations, closing the pane with information about an element moves the center of map to a different position (#729)

Tom Hughes notifications at github.com
Wed May 27 21:55:06 UTC 2015

Yes I can do all that, but as fast as you fix it for one case you break it for two more.

On top of which is the fundamental problem that I don't understand which cases are supposed to move the map when the left side panel opens and which aren't. I don't think it ever moves for the right panel but for the left one I believe (it wasn't me that designed that but) that it is deliberate in some cases that the map adjusts.

Maybe @jfirebaugh or @samanpwbb has some insight into what the logic is supposed to be? Until I have a good grasp of what the desired result is it's hard to try and fix it...

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