[openstreetmap-website] Document design goals (#1038)

kocio-pl notifications at github.com
Sun Sep 13 13:19:55 UTC 2015

> "keep it as simple as possible, this is not supposed to be replacement for Google Maps with its integrated services" is sometimes repeated - but currently I see no way to check whatever it is true and up to date

I also wouldn't know what "as simple as possible" really means. We're halfway between pure minimum (one static layer with some links) and "full" OSM-related stack (almost no overlays or personalization like UMap), and I would say it's already closer to the latter than former, so it may be 3/4 or 8/10. We have 2 search engines, 3 routing engines, 5 map layers, object explorer, notes overlay and exporting mode - for me it's a lot of things above the bare map, but the UI design is still not overloaded, so I'm confused what would it mean. Integration and feature richness is not an enemy of simplicity of use.

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