[openstreetmap-website] Document design goals (#1038)

kocio-pl notifications at github.com
Thu Sep 17 10:48:16 UTC 2015

English is not my mother tongue, but I'm pretty sure "I guess it means" is not the same as "it necessarily means", so you seem to be attacking a straw man (= opposing something I haven't said or meant). I don't like to guess and prefer to know and there's nothing to disagree - I just don't feel your comments helped me understand anything better.

Leaving aside word games, I support @matkoniecz motion to describe design goals of this portal and I'd like to ask:
1. What "could or should be done" within the scope of this portal? 
2. (helper question:) Who is assumed to set these goals?

Please don't treat me like an intruder on someone else's yard demanding anything - it's not my intention and I don't feel like being one. I'm just a community member which has his own agenda (as everybody) and tries to find some important answers.

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