suggested modifications in INSTALL and CONFIGURE files

Paul Norman penorman at
Mon Dec 5 11:06:15 UTC 2016

On 12/5/2016 2:33 AM, Jean-Claude Jouffre wrote:
> If I properly read the CONFIGURE file, an alternative could be osm2pgsql.

No, osm2pgsql is what you want to use if you render tiles, and is 
completely different from openstreetmap-website, which is the 
website and not involved in rendering maps.

> And last, if we only fill the rails port tables (for the web site), is 
> there a trick to automatically populate postgis tables too (for the 
> tile server) ? 

If you want to set up an instance of the website, edit data on it, and 
have it rendered you'll have to set up planet dumps (or use osmosis to 
create them) and import them into your tile server. Your tile server 
will generally be on a different machine.

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