suggested modifications in INSTALL and CONFIGURE files

Jean-Claude Jouffre jean-claude.jouffre at
Mon Dec 5 13:43:05 UTC 2016

Hi Paul,

Le 05/12/2016 à 12:06, Paul Norman a écrit :
> On 12/5/2016 2:33 AM, Jean-Claude Jouffre wrote:
>> If I properly read the CONFIGURE file, an alternative could be osm2pgsql.
> No, osm2pgsql is what you want to use if you render tiles, and is
> completely different from openstreetmap-website, which is the
> website and not involved in rendering maps.

Thanks for the details. For a beginner, it's not obvious to understand 
that :
- there are two different servers (osm web site and osm tiles server)
- so there are two different databases and schemas, under the same name 
"OSM data" (e.g. in the page

> If you want to set up an instance of the website, edit data on it, and
> have it rendered you'll have to set up planet dumps (or use osmosis to
> create them) and import them into your tile server. Your tile server
> will generally be on a different machine.

It's exactly what I would like to do, but not for the entire planet, 
only for a region. If I understand, the process would be :
local OSM web site database -> osmosis -> local pbf dump file
local pbf dump file -> osm2pgsql -> local OSM tile server database

but one step is still missing
real OSM web site database -> ??? -> local OSM web site database

It seems to me that it's mirroring and, according to, the 
proper tool would be osmosis (2nd line of the table).

But when I used osmosis (as described in file), I 
encoutered a minor database bug and Tom said "Try to populate the 
database using omsosis is not recommended" a few days ago.

So is there a better tool ?


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