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Wed Mar 2 09:12:57 UTC 2016

@ppawel IMO we want **a tag-focused (history) viewer**, not every-node-in-every-way-relation tool.

Simply because we have low-level tools already (overpass api, achavi to display). We lack stream of changes in overpass, but it is still possible to overcome it using historic querying.

> a. When you change only a single node belonging to this relation - should this count as a change to the whole relation, i.e. should you see administrative boundaries as changed in the activity feed?

This node in question had no tags - this should be no change for user. But there special cases like relation:site where you want to count child nodes, since tags from relation propagate to its child's.

> When you move a single way belonging to this relation - same question - should the whole relation be considered "changed" or only the moved part?

"Only moved part" would mean smaller bbox at country-scale relations. Smaller bbox is easier to understand and use.

IMO tracking of geometry-topology of country/Europe-scale relations is up to specialized validators (like http://wowik.000space.com/routes/?ckattempt=1 for road network in multiple countries). There service dedicated to admin boundaries: http://osm.wno-edv-service.de/index.php/10-osm-reports/481-countries-compare-2016-02-23

IMO focus should be more on POI-centric changestream (how to track changes of shop=* or amenity=* in single city). This is how Wikimapia history tab was functioning for 8+ years.

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