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#5417: remote control loaded multiple times
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 Until some months ago, the "Edit With Remote Control (JOSM or Merkaartor)"
 link worked well not only with JOSM, but also with Merkaartor, except for
 the strange error message "Editing failed - make sure JOSM or Merkaartor
 is loaded and the remote control option is enabled" that occurred no
 matter what - even when Merkaartor successfully downloaded the OSM data.

 Now the error massage is gone, but Merkaartor loads the OSM data 10 times.
 It seems that the JS from the openstreetmap.org website is either confused
 by Merkaartor's feedback, or that the timeout is much too short.
 Apparently, the error handling was changed from the immediate error
 message to multiple retries recently. These retries are even more nasty
 than the error message, because they make Merkaartor pop up 10 massage
 boxes and insert 10 download layers.

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