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#5417: remote control loaded multiple times
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 Absolutely nothing has been changed in that code on the OSM end in a long

 We don't retry anything, indeed it's not even in our power to do so
 because all we do it set the URL on a hidden frame and leave the browser
 to load that frame.

 The "editing failed" message fires if the browser doesn't get a 200 OK
 response from the editor within a second. I don't really want to make it
 any longer than that because it really should take long for an editor to
 respond and having a long delay leads to an awkward delayed error when
 there really isn't an editor running.

 I have no idea what your problem is, but it's not in our control. I would
 look at your browser and what plugins you have that might be interfering
 with network loads. Things like anti-virus software can also interfere
 with such things in problematic ways.

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