[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Let's adopt the Contributor Covenant code of conduct (#1299)

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Fri Sep 30 18:48:15 UTC 2016

 > Pretend there are 100s of people reading this discussion right now, all from different parts of the world, mix of genders, ages, races, religions. Maybe they are trying to decide if they want to get involved with openstreetmap-website, or OpenStreetMap in general. If we are disrespectful to each other or if we casually disrespect certain groups of people, at least some of those people watching from the sidelines will leave. 

As someone having created a few issues here in the past but never contributed any code, I'd like to share my "outside" point of view.

I still wonder if the (non-)existence of a CoC has that much of an impact on the number of active contributors to the project. Rules are necessary and I fully agree to what is listed in the CoC. 

I guess people joining the project need bring along quite some intrinsic motivation beyond the actual pain point they're trying to address:
* there's  the unfamiliar extensive code base,
* people might be unfamiliar with the language or frameworks in use, 
* documentation may be readily available (or maybe not everywhere).

People might be looking at some kind of high level project roadmap, will dig into previous commits, check current open issues and pull requests, analyze the overall speed how issues are dealt with, how clearly progress and responsibilities on issues are stated, if there's helpful comments available from expert team members, etc. etc.

I hope there will be no disappointment that even though the CoC has been adopted by the project, the number of active contributors might still not be increasing that much, even in the longer run. A CoC is probably necessary, but for sure it will not be the only activity needed to attract more contributors, get them up to speed and have longer term retention.
BTW: Again, many thanks to @tomhughes for taking the time and patience to deal with all of my issues in the past, no matter how incompletely stated, dumb or outright nonsensical they may have been.

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