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BushmanK notifications at github.com
Fri Feb 3 16:14:55 UTC 2017

The first rule of UX design is to avoid assuming that users are smart or well-informed. There could be a very long period between the registration email and the first _changeset comment_ (enough to forget about the OSM completely, especially, if they didn't care). A welcome message could have been ignored (as well as any information, showed by the editor app before/during the registration). 

So, the whole purpose of my idea is to bring the reminder exactly to that moment when it's needed the most. To remove any possible factors of confusion (except the user's total ignorance, but that's impossible to deal with it). It also applies to any universal wording like one proposed by @zerebubuth - user has to carefully read and understand that before he'll be able to connect the dots, which is not the case with people, who often assuming that they have just added a personal POI, edited a local copy of map or submitted a feedback to a professional mapping team (just like in case of commercial navigation products). Mentioning an editor/app explicitly in a changeset comment email (not in a comment itself) is a key here. Everything else would be a half-measure.

I don't understand, what exactly means 

> it would just allow a user to create a set of templates and then choose one by name when starting a message

but if it would require any additional actions from one who wants to comment on a changeset (I'm talking about that, not about the personal messages sent via osm.org website), it would also introduce another point of possible human error. If that's is just about personal messages, introducing a template system doesn't make much sense at all, because currently, anyone can just copy and paste a "template" from a text file (and some people actually do that).

However, I can not provide a scientifically correct evaluation of my idea - it is based on my UX development experience (started back in 1998). So, if that would be too hard to implement - it could be better not to waste energy on half-measures.

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