[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Implemented right-click context menu (#1030)

Stefan notifications at github.com
Sun Feb 12 12:23:12 UTC 2017

Actually, the feature which let me chime in was "Show coordinates" at mouse position. In fact that could be also implemented as part of an slightly enhanced "Query features" function (I'm probably going to open another issue on that).

Regarding this pull request, I agree with you: didn't realize the server side inclusion dependency. But what do you mean by "we shouldn't be adding new functions at global scope"? Is there a function freeze?

Actually I'd like to summarize if I (we) understand and agree on the same spec.: Actions are "**Right click**" on desktop and "**Touch long hold**" on touch screens/mobiles. **Menu items** are:
Directions from here
Directions to here
Add a note here
Show address
Query features
Centre map here
Default menu

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