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Mon Mar 12 09:19:27 UTC 2018

Please pardon my ignorance, but what the motivation for using cgimap-ruby in the first place, rather than say having Rails port and cgimap completely separate as it is today?

Yes, it would mean double maintenance to some degree. OTOH, Rails port is fairly stable today, and an ideal self contained platform for prototyping.

Squeezing in calls to cgimap via cgimap-ruby would require changes to the Rails port itself and have a working cgimap-ruby, which introduces lots of tricky dependencies. In addition, future changes in cgimap might be more difficult due to the reverse dependency to the rails port.

I find the tight coupling on Ruby<>C++ level introduced via cgimap-ruby a bit troubling and would be less concerned to have an HTTP based integration, if at all.

My recommendation would be: focus all efforts on improving cgimap, and keeping Rails port and cgimap in sync from a functional point of view. Don't try to link them two together in any way. Deprecate parts of the Rails port over time if the need arises.

just my 2 cents...

btw: I tried to get cgimap-ruby running on Ubuntu 16.10 and unfortunately couldn't get it up and running. :(

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