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Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Tue Mar 13 08:52:20 UTC 2018

> Please pardon my ignorance, but what was the main motivation for using cgimap-ruby in the first place, rather than say having Rails port and cgimap completely separate as it is today

One of the motivations is because if you start using the openstreetmap-website code today on a new project (or even just for testing locally) you're using a lot of code that isn't actually used in production. Vast amounts of ruby code that builds API responses in a slow, memory hungry fashion that was the reason for creating cgimap in the first place. So anyone who wants to genuinely use this codebase for a project then needs to set up cgimap, and deal with cgi processes and marshalling calls between the two codebases based on incoming url paths and yada yada. Instead, we could have a cgimap-ruby gem, so that the out-of-the-box experience for openstreetmap-website is much more performant, much closer to what OSM uses in production, and contains a lot less gnarly old unloved ruby code.

> Not using cgimap-ruby would result in some double maintenance. OTOH, Rails port is fairly stable today, and an ideal self contained platform, which is a nice property for prototyping.

It's easy to argue that having to duplicate any new API calls (or make changes to existing ones) both in here and in cgimap is a way of slowing down progress - what you call stable others might call ossified. I'd rather we were in a place where new ideas need only one implementation.

> would require changes to the Rails port itself and have a working cgimap-ruby

The latter of which makes most of this discussion academic for now! Afaik nobody has been working on cgimap-ruby or attempting the integration into openstreetmap-website recently, but I'd be interested to know if anyone is looking at it.

> btw: I tried to get cgimap-ruby running on Ubuntu 16.04 and unfortunately failed to even compile the sources :(

Ah, that sucks. I'll try to look into that for you (on the cgimap-ruby tracker) - it's been a while since I last compiled it myself.

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