[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Limit number of edits per user and day (#2342)

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Thu Aug 22 18:11:27 UTC 2019

I don't to go into details about the differences between UX and UI design, as it would be a bit beyond the scope of this issue. I'm 100% positive that you need to think this issue end-to-end starting from the editing app to the API to get some meaningful results, rather than just annoy users with arbitrary limits. This is mainly a JOSM issue. I clearly don't see any of the other editors anywhere close to creating a similar amount of data to upload (ignoring command line tools for a second).

>From the API side, we can rather easily calculate both the number of changesets a user created during the last "n" hours, as well as as well as the total number of changes via some database statement. Number of changes would include any kind of operation (creating/updating/deleting) without knowing any further details. 

Those figures should be checked at the time when a new changeset is being created, rather than during the upload itself (I think the reasons are clear). A meaningful response should of course include the estimated waiting time, otherwise the error message won't make much sense to a user.

I would consider anything that requires any sort of domain knowledge (e.g. counting "number of houses") to be out of scope for the API. If a user uploads tons of objects with rather uncommon tags, the editor app should take care of that.

Still, the overall approach as it stands has a massive negative impact on people trying to clean up failed imports from other mappers or simply revert vandalism. I want to see a bit more discussion how those negative effects can be minimized, if not completely avoided.

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