[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Limit number of edits per user and day (#2342)

Frederik Ramm notifications at github.com
Thu Aug 22 18:40:30 UTC 2019

I suggested in my initial message that there could be a mechanism whereby people could - perhaps temporarily - lift the limit in a self-service fashion. That would go a long way to ensure that if someone knows what they're doing they will not be hindered, but if someone does *not* know what they're doing they will be. 

I agree that all the API can do is count the number of modifications, not what exactly something is, and I never intended it to; I mentioned houses just as an example. If someone uploads a hundred thousand trees (or, also a popular option, a hundred thousand untagged objects), or *deletes* a hundred thousand houses, that's just as bad.

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