[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] ERROR: column "nearby" of relation "users" (#2449)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Thu Dec 5 08:49:14 UTC 2019

> Just to clarify, is there another tool you'd recommend for "large deployments" or am I reading too much into you comment?

Sorry, I meant to distinguish other deployments from the main OSMF instance - afaik all secondary deployments are "smaller" than OSMF. For the OSMF instance, there's never going to be a need to load a blank database with fresh data. For many other instances, again people might start from an empty database, but they might also start by loading some data.

> This is because there is no real use case that would require this

There's a real use case here, albeit a small one, which is organisations loading extracts in order to do things like exploring planning applications, or other mapping that's not being done in the OSMF instance like subjective or confidential humanitarian work. It's something that I've been contracted to work on in the past. But it's not a huge production use-case.

However, it's also a reasonable development use-case, since building the UI on an empty database is tedious for developers - particularly things like paging navigation on the relations browse pages. If you can't load an extract, you have to do a lot of fake mapping via id or JOSM to get 10,000 relations into your local db. Loading existing data, like an extract, makes more sense here.

> @gravitystorm if getting `osmosis` updated and re-deployed widely is unrealistic, what tool do you think would be a good starting point for building a successor for this use case?

As @tomhughes says, if not `osmosis` then something new built on `libosmium` is likely reasonable. But I'd encourage you to look into `osmosis`, since the previous maintainer is quite happy to hand over control to anyone who is interested in working on it, and it does a ton of useful things already, and getting it fixed for this problem would only be a small amount of work.

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