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Simon Poole notifications at github.com
Wed Dec 4 19:12:04 UTC 2019

> > Does anyone know of any other mechanism for loading an osm file into the database?
> This is definitely a part of the OSM ecosystem that I have struggled to understand. It seems there are a whole suite of tools for taking OSM data which _have already been extracted_ from the database defined in this repository and importing into _other tools_, but I haven't come across anything but `osmium` for importing data directly into the database defined in this repository.

This is because there is no real use case that would require this (and actually reloading original OSM data is not something you would want to try except in a dire emergency), you are far better of with normal backups.
> > I imagine it's a fairly common task for small deployments.
> Just to clarify, is there another tool you'd recommend for "large deployments" or am I reading too much into you comment?
> @gravitystorm if getting `osmium` updated and re-deployed widely is unrealistic, what tool do you think would be a good starting point for building a successor for this use case? Maybe https://github.com/omniscale/imposm3?

imposm does something completely different.

Dropping osmosis is a policy decision, explicit or not, it would be a small thing to pay somebody for further maintenance of osmosis. osmium is likely going to be taking over some of the functionality, but in the end suffers from the same issues (bus factor one).

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