[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add microcosms to the website (#2390)

Andy Allan notifications at github.com
Tue Oct 15 08:17:50 UTC 2019

> I'd also point out that we generally advise opening discussions on large scale features before doing lots of work on them so that basic structural issues, naming, etc can be resolved before lots of code is written.

Yeah, I'd agree with this. I find it very hard to figure out the basics here because I get distracted by all the little things (like my notes in my review today, or the tests, or whatnot) and I can't reason about the bigger picture. My approach to the Moderation PR was the same - I had to fix all the little things before the bigger picture became clear to me. I didn't mind that when it was my own time spent on the fixups, but I feel bad about asking other people to do fixups on code that might end up disappearing if we change the bigger picture.

So it might be worth going back to basics on this, and discussing the data model, whether it's something we want, whether some bits are optional and can be moved to followup PRs, etc.

> I mean this is definitely something that people want, but whether `Microcosm` is the right name is something we need to discuss but would now involve a large amount of work.

I think the naming comes from it being initially developed as a standalone project, rather than being developed from the start as a feature of this site. So it's great to see that @openbrian is working on integrating it!

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