[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Nominatim: "Hearing aids" is not translated (#2589)

Mikkel Kirkgaard Nielsen notifications at github.com
Fri Aug 14 08:48:31 UTC 2020

Could we help bring on that synchronisation? I regularly annoy myself of this too, most recently I found building=office and boundary=public_transport in English (from [this query](https://www.openstreetmap.org/query?lat=55.67459&lon=12.58479)) using Danish language.

I reckon it would always be a subset of Nominatim's full list that is added to en.yml to be localisable on osm-website?

Maybe it would be an idea to have a wishlist somewhere to which people could add entries they want to be translatable? Or if it is automated the selection is maybe based on pure usage statistics?

I see from https://github.com/osm-search/Nominatim/issues/292 that Nominatim itself (at least 5 years ago) didn't contain any translations and the discussion pans out with some good thoughts about an independent project containing translateable descriptions of key/value pairs. I guess that hasn't been brought any further, yet?

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