[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Add microcosms to the website (#2390)

Brian DeRocher notifications at github.com
Sat Feb 1 05:53:21 UTC 2020

@gravitystorm Thanks for the continued feedback and support.

- I don't like the hard coded webdriver either.  I see https://github.com/openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website/blob/master/INSTALL.md suggests to install phantomjs.  But to my understanding is that phantomjs has been retired.  So I installed geckodriver instead.  I'll see how titusfortner/webdriver works out.
- I'm going to continue using cucumber as that's how I get from the design document Design.md to test scenarios, to specs, to code.  I'm not opposed to minitest.  In fact I'm a strong supporter of the testing pyramid, which places unit tests as the most popular testing in your suite.  i just need to know where to get started.
- Bootstrap, got it.
- Hard coded values in factories comes from rails-generated code.  There are no minitests yet, so when I start writing them, I'll remove hard coded values.

Do you think we haven't been discussing this PR?  I've been methodically going through comments above and addressing each one of them.   I haven't added a single new feature, aside from replacing hard coded things (e.g. the map image) with real things (leaflet map).

I'm sorry you were burned by a previous experience with a developer that left.  But I've been involved with OSM since 2009 and running MappingDC for nearly a decade.  I've also been on the board of OSM US.  So I hope you feel I'm not just going to up and leave.  After all I'm building this feature so **I** can use it too.  I'm the one shelling out $200 per year to Meetup.

You can do 3 things to help.
1. Get me started with minitest.  Feel free to fork my fork and submit a PR.
2. Set me up with a dev server to we can do some actual user centered design.
3. Many of my pages will have styles specific to that page.  Where do you come down on page specific files versus common.scss?  I personally feel common.scss is bloated and unorganized.  It doesn't seem to me that .edit_trace, #userinformation, .activity-details, .diary_post, or .users-terms are common as most of them are used only once.  (Side note, I don't see users-terms being used anywhere.)

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