[openstreetmap/openstreetmap-website] Feature request: Let user add a few custom tile server when they use the OSM website while logged in. (#2652)

c933103 notifications at github.com
Wed Jun 10 13:44:19 UTC 2020

> I don't see how being able to load additional tile sources on the home page helps with editing - the editors already allow you to do this anyway.

As explained about, it is for navigation and query to identify area that need editing. It's simpler to do this in the website than e.g. loading them into JOSM/iD, and then try to download different area and see what features are there.

For example, on the OpenStreerMap website, now a user can switch to the cycling map, see the distrubution of bike path, zoom into a path that they think might have problem, use query to find incidential bike path relation and see if it really have a problem on the map, before proceed to editing it in editors. However, such process cannot be done to hiking trail relarion as outdoor hiking map isn't featured in OSM website.

> It sounds more like a facility for end-users of the map rather than editors, and that is specifically out of scope for this project.
> There is also a risk of encouraging copying from sources which are not allowed for legal reasons.

I don't think such thing need to be worried, as:
a.) Users will not be able to view the map once they switch to editor. Of course user can cross-reference the main site with custom source on another window while editing, but that's no different from opening a window of site of other mapping service side by side when editing OSM. To even further minimize the risk, I guess it is possible to add words on cautions on the website's white bar on top of the map, or even overlay onto the map itself, when custom maps are being used so that users can remain cautious about copyright problem
b.) If a non-OSM map is being loaded, then the map wouldn't aline woth OSM data and thus effectively useless.

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