[Rebuild] Logging - post-Rebuild OSMI?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Apr 8 20:40:30 BST 2012


    there will be some damage after the rebuild process.

There will be many *wrong* things in OSM after the change. Disfigured 
ways that have lost one or several nodes; roundabouts that aren't round 
or buildings that aren't square; forests that self-intersect; ways that 
were closed but aren't now; former T-shaped junctions where both streets 
are now not connected any more.

I'm not as concerned about nodes or ways entirely missing because *not* 
having some information is less of a problem than having erroneous 
information; but still ways that go missing will occasionally break a 
relation or cause a routing engine to go crazy.

Much has been said about remapping prior to the license change but what 
kinds of tools will we want to have to help us *after* the change?

Will we perhaps want some kind of logging output from the bot that runs 
the redaction?

Some operations - e.g. "removed a start/end node from a way" would 
almost definitely lead to someone having to check on the result because 
such an edit is likely to break an intersection or open a formerly 
closed way.

Some things would not be precisely loggable because the log would then 
have to be CC-BY-SA licensed, but even then one could could record of 
often certain operations happened in a given map square or so.


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