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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Feb 17 15:17:52 GMT 2012


On 02/17/12 15:29, Simon Poole wrote:
> You have me slightly confused with what is on that page, why on earth
> would we want to disable the API during producing the final dumps for
> CC-by-SA 2.0 distribution

I assumed that we would like to have one backup that has the "last" 
CC-BY-SA state and not "a state that was a few days before the license 

But I might have overlooked the fact that with proper transaction 
isolation, we could switch off the API, start a dump, and then continue 
rebuiliding a minute later.

> On the one hand, I don't believe there is a
> commitment to include every single edit to the last second that
> potentially could be distributed under  CC-by-SA 2.0 in the last dumps,

I think we promised - somewhere - to make the "last CC-BY-SA version 
before the license change" available as a file. Of course on could start 
a discussion on what exactly a "version" of our database is. We could, 
conceivably, just take the latest planet, add on the diffs until 
switchoff, and sell that as the latest version.

> and more specifically it doesn't actually make a difference to any
> -user- of such a dump (since if the API is blocked, there are no such
> edits anyway).

I imagine that the "last CC-BY-SA version" will be used as a reference 
be a few people, maybe even running tile servers off it. It does make a 
difference for them if an edit is included or not - not a big difference 
of course.

One thing that I have not taken into account at all is Dermot's idea 
which would mean that the change could happen gradually and there was no 
"cutoff". (To be honest, I didn't really *understand* that his was his 
idea.) That could indeed make the whole downtime irrelevant and would 
stretch out the actual "rebuild" operation over (possibly) weeks. Of 
course this would mean that it will be impossible to provide a clear 
"before the license change" dump/freeze - but that isn't really possible 
anyway since all of us are already engaged in remapping...


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