[Rebuild] Strategy change for the redaction bot

errt at gmx.de errt at gmx.de
Sat Jun 2 21:07:49 BST 2012

Am 2.6.2012 21:14, schrieb Gnonthgol:
> The second problem we currently have is equally hard for computers. Geometries can be totally changed by non-acceptors (like the 'reverse way' and 'sort relation members' functions does) and it can be hard if not impossible to apply the changes done by acceptors on a totally different geometry. I have not seen any programs that can do this. The closest program that does something similar (patch) can not handle these cases and require human intervention if this is found.
At least the (semi-)automatic changes you mentioned (like 'reverse' or 
'sort') can probably be recognized by the bot in most cases (i.e. in 
those, where this was the only or at least major change to the 
geometry). Once we recognized it, we could treat it as trivial (if 
that's legally ok) or at least use this information to apply later 
changes correctly (e.g. insert the node in position 2 from the end, not 
from the start; add oneway=-1 instead of oneway=yes). For the rest of 
the issues that can't be recognized automatically, this really depends 
on the number of occurrences in the planet, though we might just take 
the legally safest way.


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