[Rebuild] Do we need a singe run bot?

Stephan Knauss osm at stephans-server.de
Sun Jun 3 08:32:00 BST 2012


with the tough problems recently mentioned, do we need a bot that can do 
all the work perfectly in a single run?

We have tens of thousands of local mappers all over the world.

Can we do the "easy" parts of the redaction first and let the local 
mappers assist in remapping the tough ones?

I remember remapping was sometimes looking for a needle in a haystack. 
The whole area covered with data created by a decliner in version 1, 
created by drawing from old aerials. And well hidden sometimes a way 
having additional tags by other mappers.

The licensechange plugin in JOSM marks them all red because they will be 
lost. But If I recreate the ways having meaningful tags I can save these 
tags. Simply hard to spot.

If the redaction bot would have removed all v1 only data before it would 
be a lot easier for mappers to spot the critical problems and manually 
fix them.

So can we do "trivial" redaction in a first run?
- Remove v1 only data
- mark trivial changes clean
- other "easy" redaction

My hope is that the remaining problems can be solved by humans faster. 
We have magnitudes more mappers than redaction bot developers.

An additional benefit by letting the local community do the remapping is 
that often the existing data is not simply replaced but also verified 
and improved.


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