[Rebuild] Redaction bot is almost done

Michael Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Thu Jun 14 14:20:55 BST 2012

On 14/06/2012 12:39, Frederik Ramm wrote:
> Hi,
> On 06/14/12 11:57, Harry Wood wrote:
>> How clever do we expect the bot to be about this kind of stuff?
> I think, as with all copyright things, we need to proceed with 
> diligence but not with perfection. The bot is already much more clever 
> than most project members assume it to be, and considers many more 
> cases than we expected even a few months ago. It is, in my opinion, 
> diligent enough and we should not get carried away with adding ever 
> more special cases.
> If people later complain about individual decisions of the bot then 
> that can be fixed manually; if a systemic error should be discovered 
> later, even that can be fixed.
> The one thing that we must not do is make reckless decisions, and I 
> think that by now there have been enough eyeballs on the code to 
> ensure that there's nothing reckless in there.

+1 Not reckless = Be reasonable.

And that fits LWG's criteria that we make reasonable effort to remove 
the IP of non-continuing mappers and that we are fair to both 
non-continuing mappers (we untangle as much as we can) and continuing 
mappers (we minimise damage to their own efforts where it interacts). 
"Reasonable" meaning that we deal with the obvious cases and, where 
there are grey areas, we deal with them if  technical feasibility and 
volunteer time permits.  My impression is that we are now at Yes to all 
of these in terms of preparing the test cases.  Other members of this 
list who understand it better than I might like to confirm.

Individual complaints after the redaction has been done can be 
accomodated by our standard "takedown notice" system. OSMF is registered 
under the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of the USA. Any third party, 
including non-continuing mappers, can write or email and point out 
specific instances where they believe their copyright has been 
infringed. LWG is also working to enhance this by providing an on-line 
form.  It is worth pointing out that if we have missed anything, then we 
simply have to make proper steps to correct it in a timely fashion. We 
do not have to stop access to the OSM database.


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