[Routing] Routing algorithms

Alex Wilson alex_wilson at pobox.com
Thu Nov 8 15:58:27 GMT 2007

I've also been implementing routing over OSM data - using the Boost graph
library (BGL). I have a GUI written in PyQT4 interfacing with a routing
backend written in C++, using Boost python to create the interface between
the two languages.
It's a nice solution because there are a large number of algorithms in the
BGL and they've all been very thoroughly tested.

I was also considering using the boost spirit parser to allow users to
specify edge costs using expressions - so if, for instance, you were a
law-breaking cyclist, you could specify that you were happy too cycle down
one-way streets the wrong way if ever it would save you significant time
over a legal route ;-)

I'm very happy to contribute any code I have or to pitch in if anyone needs
any help (I have a lot of experience with graph algorithms).

Alex Wilson
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