[Routing] No tags like "country" and "city" in planet.osm for ways?

Max Power herodot72 at yahoo.de
Mon Nov 12 13:58:20 GMT 2007

I don't think, that the distance-from-target calculation is a good solution,
because a road at the periphery of a huge city could be near to a small town in
the neighborhood than to the place with the right city tag.
Perhaps i will try the google geocoder for this task first and concentrate my work
on the routing itself until there is a better way.

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Mark Williams schrieb:
> Max Power wrote:
>> I've looked in some data of the planet.osm file and i'm wondering, why there are no tags like "country=" and "city=" for ways. So you can't make a useful routing, because you want to search for example the route from one road in Paris to one road in Berlin. You don't want to click somewhere in the map to mark it as start or end point. Is it planned to integrate such tags? Or is there anywhere a relation like country->city->road in planet.osm? Can i find cities in the data?
>> Regards,
>> Herodot
> It's place=city, or place=whatever - you should find Paris tagged as
> place=city, name=Paris, with the is_in tag to be sure which for towns
> with commoner names.
> There isn't yet a relation as you describe, though a simple enough
> distance-from-target calculation should do the job? It is something
> planned for the future.

It's much more simple in many places.
The place-attribute can be used on areas as well,
not just on points.

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