[Routing] No tags like "country" and "city" in planet.osm for ways?

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Nov 12 14:22:22 GMT 2007


>  I don't think, that the distance-from-target calculation is a good
>  solution, because a road at the periphery of a huge city could be
>  near to a small town in the neighborhood than to the place with the
>  right city tag.

That's a concept very typical of a programmer: I can think of cases
where the idea doesn't work, and from this follows that the idea is
not an acceptable solution.

But let's not overlook that the idea works in the vast majority of
cases! And in those few cases where City A's "Main St" is nearer to
City B's place node than it is to City A's, I can always put an is_in

So: For disambiguation use the is_in tag of the street, and if there
is none, use the nearest place node. The "name finder" service does
this quite well I think.

>  Perhaps i will try the google geocoder for this task first and
>  concentrate my work on the routing itself until there is a better
>  way.

The Google geocoder no doubt has superior data at the moment.


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